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About Us

Vactech was founded with the declared purpose of manufacturing Vacuum Pumps that would garner recognition in the global market. The impetus for this drive was a deep sense of duty to help industries, manufactures and advance Scientific Research & Development, through the domestic manufacture of Vacuum Pump.
Since then, Vactech confirmed its position as a Vacuum Pump manufacturer and Service provider in the field of:

• Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
• Aerospace
• Chemical industries
• Defence
• Research and Development
• Oil and Gas industries
• Pharma and Laboratories
• Electrical industries
• Freeze Drying
• Coating and Deposition
• Coating and Deposition
• Vacuum impregnation
• Vacuum furnaces
• Leak Detection
• Backing pump for Roots, Turbo, Diffusion and Cryogenic Pumps

Why Us?
We Serve Quality:....
Many customers from industries and R&D areas need quality products and servicing. They never compromise on this parameter. Vactech is dedicated to manufacture quality Vacuum Pumps and provide services for all kinds of imported and domestic vacuum pumps of any capacity to the customer's 100% satisfaction.
The idea behind the slogan "We Serve Quality" is to thoroughly understand the dreams and wishes of our customers, and to create products through never-ending research. This is the fundamental spirit of our corporate activities that has endured since our founding.
From endoscopes that help save lives, to digital cameras that stimulate emotions, and products that provide security and peace of mind, Vactech continues R&D activities under an integrated structure. Not content to let dreams remain only a dream, Vactech believes that its mission is to take on challenges and create new value in the world.
"We Serve Quality"
Turning People's Expectation and Dreams into Reality