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Digital penning vacuum gauge. Model DPNG 003 

Thisis a cold cathode Ionisation gauge consisting of two electrodes anode and cathode. A potential difference of about 2.2 KV is applied between anode and cathode through current limiting resistors. A magnetic field is introduced at right angles to the plane of the electrodes by a permanent magnet having nearly 800 gauss magnetic field which will increase the ionisation current. The electrons emitted from the cathode (gauge head body) of the gauge head are deflected by means of magnetic field applied at right angles to the plane of the electrodes and are made to take helical path before reaching the anode loop. Thus following very long path, the chance of collision with gas molecule is high even at low pressures.

The secondary electrons produced by ionisation themselves perform similar oscillations and the rate of ionisation increases rapidly. Eventually, the electrons are captured by the anode and equilibrium is reached when the number of electrons produced per second by ionisation is the sum of positive ion current to the cathode and the electron current to the anode and is used to measure the pressure of the gas. This instrument with the sensor having wider range of applications, in high vacuum systems where the final Vacuum to be measured in process chamber.

These instruments can be used in high vacuum systems, coating units, sputtering units, vacuum furnaces and many other applications where high vacuum to be measured in the range of 10-2 to 10-6 m.bar.

  • Measurement range 0.001 to 1000 mbar for vacuum and -100 to +800 Deg C for Temp
  • Space saving rugged design DIN console
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • brass body measuring cell with metal-sealed feed through
  • with universal power supply-input voltage from 90 ~ 264VAC, frequency 47 ~ 440Hz
  • integrated set point adjustment and relay output for both vacuum and temperature
  • Easy To Read 4 Digit Backlit Display
  • Change Cable Length Without Re-calibrating upto 8 meters
  • S 485 computer interface with data logging - optional
  • Technical specifications:

    Particulars Details
    Unit of measurement Mbar
    Gauge head model number PNH - 022
    Pressure range 9.9 X10-3 to 10-6 mbar
    Display 3 digit seven segment LED
    Number of GHs One
    Input power 220v AC , 50 Hz
    Operating temp. 15 to 45 deg C
    Analog output 0 to 3.5V DC
    Calibration Factory set
    Gauge head mounting Any position
    Gauge head cable Standard 2 mtrs, extra length on request
    Dimentions 98 X98X 250mm
    Cutout size 92X92 mm
    End connection of GH KF-25


    Type PNH 022
    Unit of measurement 10-2 mbar to 10-6mbar
    Gauge head model number Standard KF-25
    Gauge Head Cable 2 Mtr. long Amphenol sockets suitably
    connected on both sides as standard
    extra length cable on request